Fast, professional, efficient A+

David Judd
December 29, 2021

Very pleased with Kirsh Law Firm. The girls were right there to help me with things they needed to get the process done with no delays. When I was having problems with the bank they called to light the fire under them to get what I needed to get for them. I would highly recommend Kirsh Law Firm.

Terry & Blake Davis
December 10, 2021

From the buying of our 1st house 11 years ago, to now selling that and buying our last home. Peter and staff were welcoming and never made us feel awkward. Great experiences.

Steve & Melissa Vanleer
December 10, 2021

Thank you very muy from the Villagomez family. Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas. Feliz año Nuevo, Happy New Year

Hector & Maria Villagomez
December 08, 2021

Very convenient location for closing (Hockessin branch). All went smoothly. Your firm was recommended to us by friends and we will be sure to pass that recommendation along to others.

Chad Fahs & Meghann Matwichuk
November 20, 2021

Very professional, friendly, and efficient. Thank you!

Paul & Alyssa Grice
November 18, 2021

Kelly Crossland was superb. She was attentive, listened to my requests, and prompt with responses. Thank you.

John & Kathy Moll
November 08, 2021

I would say Kirsh Law Firm did a great job and I would use them again should the need arise.

Melvin L. Detweiler
November 06, 2021

Wonderful experience from start to finish!

Louann Larkin
November 04, 2021

The Kirsh Law Firm more than adequately handled our home purchasing requirements on the legal front! No stone was left unturned!! Thank you Kirsh!

Vanessa T. Larkin
October 16, 2021

Very informative, would absolutely recommend.

Glenn & Beth Baughman
September 8, 2021

2nd time using the Kirsh Team. Even sent over Daughter and son in law to use them on the purchase of their new home in March 2021.

Stephanie Kirchner
September 7, 2021

The Kirsh Law Firm was professional, personable, & efficient. My Husband & I arrived late to our settlement because of traffic. The team was patient & proficient.

Carolyn W.

Your firm’s management of our home purchase when faced with multiple complexities on a tight timeline. We are grateful for the professionalism your team exhibited especially for the prompt service, kindness and excellent job Kelly Crosslend showed throughout our deliberation[sic]. She was nothing short of extraordinary.

Jim & Lynn Reynolds
August 2021

Fully satisfied with the closing meeting and process.

R. Hamilton
August 8, 2021

Rarely in these times do I see excellent commitment to customer service. I am happy to report once again, you and your staff excel in this area.
This is the second time I had the pleasure of working with you & your staff. Your interest in doing a great job was a welcome experience. Thanks again!

Kathleen Egan
August 6, 2021

Great job by all, the Kirsh Team is world class!

John Lees
July 22, 2021

Great experience & beautiful office. Much smoother than another law office we worked with on the sale of our home. This experience a 5 star.

Anita Iannone

July 13, 2021

This is the second time I’ve used Kirsh! They were throrough in explaining all the documents, which was a relief because the first time signing all those papers I was very intimidated. I would highly reccomend them to any one!

Kaitlyn & Jared
July 5, 2021

We have used Kirsh twice, and will continue to use them in the future. They are very professional & friendly. We feel safe with having them on our side to get things done.

Douglas Knight
June 21, 2021

Ashlie did a great job w/us keeping us informed in the process. When an issue came up with the solar panels, she was responsive in rescheduling our closing. We also had a great experience at closing. I highly reccomend this law firm.

Sarah Paxton
June 18, 2021

Professional, kind, curteous. Willing to answer all our questions and concerns. A constant during the purchase of our new home, which could otherwise be extremely chaotic. Thank you so much!

Sarah Paxton
June 13, 2021

Everyone we spoke with was friendly & informative. It was a quick & easy process. We greatly appreciate it!

Corinne Shinnick
June 4, 2021

Thank you “as always” for a job well done and your generosity! Best regards

Lomaine Terrizzi
May 24, 2021

The process was quick and easy.

William Grimes
May 17, 2021

Refinancing was quick & easy, even during COVID. Thanks very much much for your service!

Joe G.
May 2021

Kirsh title was so organized and professional. They answered all my questions as a first time home buyer and made the process so simple.

Morgan Lockard
April 29, 2021

This is our second time using this office in 3 months and I sincerely wanted to thank you. You were able to get us out of a really bad contract earlier in the year/end of 2020. 10/10 would recommend.

Sarah June
April 23, 2021

Peter and his team are professional and courteous. Truely ensured all “T’s” were crossed and “I’s” were dotted prior to settlement. Would highly recommend their services to anyone!! Thank you.

Danielle Heckathorn & Jerry Shepard
April 13, 2021

Can’t thank you all enough. You helped make the process easy! Kelly was amazing and answered any questions I had and settlement went really well. Everything was explained to me so I could understand it.

Chelsea Peffley
April 7, 2021

Kirsh Law was easy and a pleasure to work with.

Ed & Lisa Wilbey
April, 2021

Everything went as I expected. It wasn’t my first refi so I can say it was the utmost in professionalism, down to the neatly bound booklet w/ all the documents. Everyone involved along the way appeared to do their best to uphold the integrity of the Firm. Thank you!

Jane Wetting
March 30, 2021

Kirst made a stressful process and easy process. We were informed of everything we needed in a timely manner, questions were answered right away. All invovled in the process were very friendly and professional.

Amanda W.
March 16, 2021

Thanks for another smooth transaction.

Rick Francolino

March 15, 2021

We used Kirsh Law Firm when we bought our home and then again to refinance and both times we were completely happy!Peter is personable, their office is conveniently located, and the stalff is always helpful!Quick & knowledgable!

Anne Thompson
March 10, 2021

Kelly & Peter were great to work with. Kelly answered all of our questions! Thank you!

Thomas Miller Jr. & Sara Thompson
March 11, 2021

Explained everything very well, answered all out questions in a timely manner and were extremely pleasant to work with.

Daniel D.

We had a very good experience. Thanks to all involved.

Calvin & Linda Vondra
March 10, 2021

This is the fourth settlement you have taken car of for us. As usual we proceeded without a glitch. Thank you for making it so easy. You have a professional staff that have always been so helpful and thorough. Thanks.

Patty Croce
March 08, 2021

Will see you with our next transaction.

Judy & Pat Lynch
March 08, 2021

This is my second settlement with the Kirsh Firm and both experiences have been nothing short of stellar. Very helpful and professional.Thank you all!

Kevin R. Nutter
March 03, 2021

Closing was efficient & pleasant – The Kirsh Law Firm made it all a breeze.

Mike & Laura Miner
February 6, 2021

Everyone that we were in contact with at the office was very helpful and courteous.

Elizabeth Traver
January 13, 2021

WHen I sold my home in Nove 2020 the buyer used Kirsh Law Firm. I was impressed as the seller how well everything went, so when I bought my home shortly there after I choose Kirsh to handle the purchase of my home. Everything went smoothly, everyone was very helpful and informative. I highly recommend the professional team at Kirsh Law Firm.

Carol J Mause
January 11, 2021

I have used your firm for my last few settlements. Always very professional & friendly!

Kerri A. Passwaters
January 8, 2021

The Kirsh Team is the best in the business.

Brian Tome
January 6, 2021

Made the home buying process easy and answered any questions we had. Very pleasant to work with.

Angel Robinson & Patrick Berry

Very professional & thourough! Very efficient in the ‘closing procedures’ of our home. Very knowledgable – we felt that we were in the best possible hands. Thank you!

Dayna S.

Dear Kirsh Title,
We could not be happier with the service that your team provided to us. Complete to settlement day! Thank you for all of your hard work Kelly, Nicole, and Peter!
Sincerely, Laurel

Lauren & Andrew Portez
December 07, 2021

Everyone was so very easy to work with and even picked me up at home and drove me to your office

Daniel & Heather Smith
November 19, 2021

Everyone was so very easy to work with and even picked me up at home and drove me to your office.

Mary Maxine McKinney
November 17, 2021

Professional, Convenient, friendly

Jim Thorpe
November 10, 2021

Extremely helpful and informative. Thank you!

Stephanie Martinez
November 5, 2021

Title service and closing went smoothly and I felt I was well informed of the process. I would not hesitate to use Kirsh for future home purchases.

Ryan Wheatley
October 15, 2021

The people in both offices were very friendly and responsive

Thomas Spohn
October 7, 2021

As always, you are the best!

Henry Brooks
September 14, 2021

Extremely responsive and kept us in the loop every step of the way. Email communication was effective

Anthony Masica
September 10, 2021

Everyone I spoke with were always so helpful and pleasant.

Ellen M. Shlegel
August 13, 2021

We always use Kirsh Law Firm for all of our settlements or our rental properties. Always given the best service.

Charles & Felicia Fax
August 19, 2021

Great working with you!

Tim Conaway
August 4, 2021

We had run into a major issue during settlement The Kirsh Team were able to not only figure out a solution the same day, but also kept us calm and informed of what would and could happen. And gave us options if settlement failed to happen. We thank you all for the hard work you put in that day to get us in our home!!!

James Dobies & Brooke Sullivan
July 21, 2021

The services I recieved from Kirsh was good considering everything was done via email. I had questions that were answered promptly and settlement was a breeze. Great “quality” customer service.

Vonette Yon-Evans
July 7, 2021

Excellent service & communication by administrative staff was great as expectations are clear & met.

Vonette Yon-Evans

July 7, 2021

Kelly was extremely informative and an absolute pleasure to work with! She was always friedly and willing to answer any questions I had throughout the process. I highly suggest using the Kirsh Law Firm!!!

Brianna Proctor
June 21, 2021

Kelly was extremely informative and an absolute pleasure to work with! She was always friedly and willing to answer any questions I had throughout the process. I highly suggest using the Kirsh Law Firm!!!

Brianna Proctor
June 21, 2021

Everyone at Kirsh Law Firm was very responsive. My closing had a few obstacles (not due to anything Kirst did) and was delayed for months. They responded to my emails and phone calls, kept in touch with the other involved parties, and updated mr on the status of the closing process on a regular basis. I appreciated that!

Amelia Viars
June 17, 2021

Very informative, professional, and responsive with both settlements of selling and buying. Would highly reccomend and also use again.

Tim & Heather Billig
June 9, 2021

Peter kept us informed of what we were signing and took the time to explain we were unsure of.

Mary Pat McDevitt
June 7, 2021

Everything was top notch!This was the second use of the firm for a purchase closing and wouldn’t hesitate to use in the future

William & Susan Dixon
May 24, 2021

Love you guys!!

Kris Wokf
May 24, 2021

Thanks for a great job guys! Special thanks to Melissa for help with the the pay off & UPS. Hope to see you all soon!

Ron Frazier
April 17, 2021

The process was a pleasant experience. Appreciate that.

Bill Bowen
April 3, 2021

Excellent communication, service, and overall process. The Kirsh Team went above and beyond assisting with an aspect of our build process completely outside of any traditional firm. Leveraging community relationships to help us well past the closing process.

Lee Koedding
April 1, 2021

I was super pleased with the speed and process you guys provided during my closing. I would recommend you and use you again for any future transactions. Thank you!!

Jose Garcia Bodyn & Jennys Ramirez Hernandez
March 16, 2021

Excellent service. Very accomidating for scheduling closing.

Ken Trabue
March 16, 2021

It is always a pleasure working with the Kirsh Team!! Everyone is always knowledgable and professional. Thank you!!

Gail S Watson

March 15, 2021

Everyone who I met in person and by email were very professional, responsive, and patiend during my association with them. Thank you very much.

Michael Moyer
March 08, 2021

Very efficient & thorough which made our settlement very successful with a minimal amount of time so we could move into our new home! Thank you kindly!

Sherry Riale
March 08, 2021

I was very impressed with the attention to detail and professionalism. I felt very comfortable during the entire process.

David A. Edwards Jr

March 04, 2021

The office staff was very quick to get back to me with inquiries. They were always very friendlt and answered my questions!
I’m looking forward to working with Kirsh again for the settlement of my mom’s estate.

Krista Vanasky
March 01, 2021

Extremely efficient, professional, & friendly. The smoothest closing we’ve ever had! We highly recommend & would yse your services again.

David & Lisa Bolz

February 28, 2021

If you want a sooth home buying experience choose Kirsh. It was a snow day and they were there for me. Even gave great advice on my home I was selling and they had no skin in the in that game. Thanks KLF

Stanley E. Beuce Jr.

February 27, 2021

In these troubled times, everything went well! Thank you for an easy transaction.

Jeff Martin

February 16, 2021

Settlement went quickly and smoothly. Communication was recead[sic] when location was changed due to COVID last minute and was completely satisfied with settlement. Thank you for your service.

Glenna Jorder

January 27, 2021

Settlement went quickly and smoothly. Communication was recead[sic] when location was changed due to COVID last minute and was completely satisfied with settlement. Thank you for your service.

Glenna Jorder
January 27, 2021

Thank you for your advice and hardwork. We had quite a unique settlement and were glad to have you and your firm by ourside.

Joseph & Monica Fraatz
January 19, 2021

As a realtor we use Kirsh for all our clients!

Greg & Heidi Nequist
January 11, 2021

Kirsh made the closing day for out home stress-free and very quick. All inquiries, needs, and asks were promptly responded to. We could not have asked for a better title company and everyone who works there. Thank you!

Lisa LaVeque & Rob Conway
January 7, 2021

I was impressed with the constant communication and the ease of the settlement. I wish all of my prior settlements were this easy. Kelly Crossland was great to work with!

Richard Butler
January 6, 2021

Peter, You & your team kept us excellently informed throughout the entire process, exceeded expectations, & kept surprises to a minimum. We greatly appreciated all the attention to detail by you & your team.

Mathew & Frances Mayo
January 3, 2021

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